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Next Meeting       

Next Meeting       

3RCS next meeting is Tuesday, 30 March 2015, 6:30 - 9 p.m. at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center.

Activity is Aerospace (Air rockets). Uniform for cadets is BDUs. Cadets need to bring to every meeting: CAP ID card, water or sports drink, writing paper and writing utensil.

Looking for an exciting volunteer opportunity that you can do as a family? Anyone 12 and older are eligible to join. CAP stresses STEM topics and incorporates them into CAP's 3 missions: aerospace education,emergency services, and cadet. For more information, go to

Remember, only two more meetings for this year. Please be on time and remember,

"Don't retain - repeat!"


Updated 5 Feb 2015


   If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the Civil Air Patrol, click on the Contact Link at the top of this page for more information.

   Three Rivers Squadron can now offer CERT training, in-house. If you are interested in getting the CERT certification for Emergency Services, please contact us.

Who we are

   The Three Rivers Composite Squadron is looking for new members. The Civil Air Patrol is a 501(c)3 organization comprised completely of volunteers. While there is no pay for the "job" you'll be doing, there is great satisfaction in helping others, being a part of the action, and meeting people who have a like-minded spirit. The Civil Air Patrol has both cadet and senior memberships available. Cadets are between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age, and are included in all activities undertaken by the Civil Air Patrol to include Search and Rescue, Emergency Services, Aerospace, and of course, Cadet Programs. Senior members must pass an FBI fingerprint screening and be willing to spend time with cadets, learn new skills, and enjoy helping others.

Skywarn Training

Presented by the National Weather Service and Civil Air Patrol, Three Rivers Composite Squadron.

28 March 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Texas AgriLife Research & Extension Center, 7887 U.S. Hwy 87 North.

This training is FREE and there will be door prizes awarded to attendees. Learn about the weather and how you can take an active role in reporting it to save property and lives.

Promotions 2014

C/Amn Mason Lemons Curry awardSM Cheyenne Opiana Level 1 completion

Congratulationsto Cadet Airman Basic Lemons who was promoted to cadet airman during the December promotion ceremony. Squadron Commander Maj J. Augustine and Deputy Commander of Cadets Maj. D. Augustine pinned on his new rank.

Congratulations to Senior Member C. Opiana for completing Level 1 training. Presenting her certificate is Squadron Commander Maj J. Augustine.

Wreaths Across America

For more images, click this image.Under an overcast, gray sky, seven ceremonial wreaths representing the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and POW/MIA were presented in honor of those who have served.

Three Rivers Composite Squadron hosted the Wreaths Across America ceremony for the 5th year at Grape Creek Cemetery. Members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter, Concho Valley 23-12 and residents of the local community came together to remember and honor those who served our country.

After the ceremony, 168 wreaths were placed on veterans' grave at Grape Creek Cemetery, Water Valley Cemetery and Pioneer Memorial Park.

Grape Creek was one of 1000 locations throughout the country placing over 800,000 wreaths on veterans' graves during this year's Wreaths Across America ceremony. The ceremony is held each year on the second Saturday in December. For more information about WAA, go to For more images click here.

Civil Air Patrol to be Awarded Congressional Gold Medal

President Franklin D. Roosevelt presents the nation’s first-ever Air Medals, given for valor in flight, to a pair of CAP subchasers – Maj. Hugh R. Sharp, center, and 1st Lt. Edmund “Eddie” Edwards, second from right, in the Oval Office in February 1943. The two were recognized for their heroic rescue July 21, 1942, of a fellow CAP member, 1st Lt. Henry Cross, whose plane had crashed in the Atlantic 20 miles off the coast of Delaware. Looking on is James M. Landis, wartime chief of the Office of Civilian Defense. By the end of World War II, CAP members had received 824 Air Medals.MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. – On Dec. 10, Civil Air Patrol will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Capitol Hill in honor of its founding members’ role in protecting the homeland against deadly German U-boat attacks during World War II and carrying out other vital wartime domestic missions.

The Congressional Gold Medal ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. in Statuary Hall at the Capitol. About 40 living veterans and dozens of members of their families as well as the families of deceased veterans will be in attendance. Later that evening a celebratory dinner sponsored by CITGO will be held at 7 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Virginia, where bronze replica medals will be presented to the World War II-era CAP members courtesy of the oil giant. Sunoco and Sunoco Logistic are also major sponsors of the events.

Some 200,000 men, women and teenagers from all walks of life – including stars of the silver screen and successful businessmen, future Tuskegee Airmen and aspiring pilots – in CAP during the war years, largely without recognition or reward. The organization was founded Dec. 1, 1941, six days before Pearl Harbor.

Veterans in attendance at the event will include:

  • A pair of centenarians – T. Guy Reynolds, who turns 102 on Nov. 30, and Jeri Truesdell, who celebrated her 100th birthday Feb. 16. Reynolds, of Martinsburg, West Virginia, founded the West Virginia Wing’s Martinsburg Composite Squadron in 1943. Truesdell, who lives in Winnetka, California, joined CAP in 1942 and served until 1944 as a pilot in the Illinois Wing.

  • Along with Truesdell, early female aviators like Jayne Pace of Houston, who flew as a Louisiana Wing pilot starting in 1945, and Etta “Kitty” Bass Knight of Spruce Creek, Florida,.

  • Gail Halvorsen of Amada, Arizona, the U.S. Air Force’s “Uncle Wiggly Wings,” who is famed for dropping chocolate to deprived children on the Soviet-controlled side of Berlin during the 1948 Berlin Airlift, and who credits CAP with teaching him how to fly after he joined in 1942.

    Also attending will be the families of:

  • George Boyd of Wichita, Kansas, and Wallace C. Higgins of Alfred Station, New York, who joined the Tuskegee Airmen after training as CAP cadets n New Jersey and New York, respectively.

  • Lester L. Wolff of East Norwich, New York, who flew anti-submarine missions for CAP’s New York Wing, more than two decades before he served as a U.S. representative for New York in the House from 1965-1980.

  • Five of Wolff’s fellow subchasers – Robert Arn of Westerville, Ohio, who served at CAP’s Coastal Patrol Base 14 in Panama City, Florida, from September 1942-June 1943; James Fletcher of Sugar Land, Texas, who served at Coastal Patrol Base 4 in Parksley, Virginia; Carl Jividen of Londonderry, Ohio, who not only flew out of but also helped build Base 14 in Panama City; Emery Overcash of Moore, South Carolina, who served at Coastal Patrol Base 21 in Beaufort, North Carolina; and Gilbert Russell of Granite Quarry, North Carolina, who served at Coastal Patrol Base.

  • Otha H. Vaughan, of Huntsville, Alabama, whose experiences and training as a CAP cadet in South Carolina helped lead to an Air Force stint and, ultimately, a career with NASA that included involvement in developing Saturn series rockets for the Apollo program and in designing the Lunar Rover.

  • Willa Brown, the first African-American woman to earn a private pilot’s license and to hold a commercial pilot’s license in the U.S.

  • Vernon Rudolph, the founder of Krispy Kreme Donuts Inc.

  • Richard L. Yuengling Sr., the fourth co-president and manager of D.G. Yuengling and Son, the oldest brewery in the U.S. that’s still active today.

Other high-profile CAP members during the war years included a significant Hollywood contingent, most notably famed actors Robert Cummings and Mary Astor; Meinhardt Raabe, who portrayed the Munchkin coroner in “The Wizard of Oz;” Henry King Jr., a noted Hollywood director from 1915-1961 and one of 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; and Jose Iturbi, a world-famous pianist and harpsichordist who also appeared in several Hollywood films in the 1940s;

During the war members of CAP’s coastal patrols, flying their own or borrowed planes, flew 24 million miles from March 1942-August 1943 over the Atlantic and Gulf coasts in order to ward off German U-boat attacks against U.S. shipping – especially domestic oil tankers bound for Europe to help fuel the military machine. They did so at the request of the U.S. Petroleum Industry War Council, because the U.S. Navy lacked the resources to guard against the submarine attacks and provide escorts for commercial convoys.

The CAP coastal patrols, flying out of 21 bases located along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from Maine to the southern tip of Texas, spotted 173 U-boats and attacked 57. They also escorted more than 5,600 convoys and reported 17 floating mines, 36 bodies, 91 ships in distress and 363 survivors in the water.

Other pioneering Civil Air Patrol members patrolled the country’s borders by air, vigilant for potential saboteurs. In addition, they towed targets for military trainees, watched for forest fires, conducted search and rescue missions, provided disaster relief and emergency transport of people and parts and conducted orientation flights for future pilots.

In all, 65 CAP members lost their lives in the line of duty by the end of the war.

The Senate passed legislation authorizing the Congressional Gold Medal in May 2013, with the House following suit a year later. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law May 30.

I salute CAP’s founding members for their legacy of service and sacrifice in protecting the homeland during World War II,” said Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez, CAP’s national commander. “Now, some 73 years later, CAP’s rich history of service continues. Modern-day members, nearly 60,000 strong, still perform vital homeland security missions, search and rescue missions and provide emergency response for natural and manmade disasters.”

In-depth information about CAP and its World War II missions and members, including those listed above, can be found at #CAPgoldmedal

Here's a link to U-tube for a video chronicling history of the Civil Air Patrol.

Midland Airsho 2014

Group I CAP members in front of "FiFi", the world's only flying B-29 Superfortress.Twenty-Three members from Lorenzo Cadet Squadron, Lubbock Composite Squadron, Tigershark Composite Squadron and Three Rivers Composite Squadron worked on the bomber ramp during the Commemorative Air Force AIRSHO held at the Midland International Airport in Midland-Odessa,
Group I members assisted the CAF marshallers and security staff by being their eyes and ears on the bomber ramp. Responsibilities were as diverse as the aircraft at the airsho. CAP members kept spectators form damaging irreplaceable aircraft, from walking onto an active runway and from walking in front of aircraft taxiing out to the runway.
It wasn't difficult for CAP members to get caught up in the excitement of the airsho. The ramp was awash in the sounds of WWII era aircraft, the smell of aircraft fuel and excited adults and children seeing an airplane up close for the first time carried over to everyone on the team.
"FiFi", the world's only flying B-29 prepares to depart the ramp.The highlight of working on the bomber ramp is getting to see "FiFi", the only B-29 still flying. Having the opportunity to hear the B-29 Superfortress engines start, watching the propellers begin to spin one-by-one, then the plume of the smoke as it bellows out of the engine is a mesmerizing sight, making one wonder what is was like to see hundreds of these aircraft preparing for flight during WWII.
The only thing better than getting to see these wonderful flying machines up close is to get to fly in one, but alas, it was not meant to be, at least for CAP members. So the next best thing is having the opportunity to get into the cockpit of many of the rare, vintage aircraft. The pilots encourage the younger members and not so young members to climb into their aircraft as they explain the unique features of that particular plane.
These beautiful warbirds weren't just for display. As the noon hour approached each day, the real show began. CAP members sprang into action, clearing the ramp of spectators and picking up any foreign debris. Then the well rehearsed choreography of pilot and crew preparing the aircraft for take-off
CAP members kneel during aircraft entering ramp so as not to be confused with marshallers.Cadets and senior members lined the taxiway and watched the aircraft as they headed out to the runway. The ramp soon fell silent as the bombers disappeared into the distance. No sooner had they disappeared, the reenactment of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor began. The silence led way to the deafening roar of the fighter aircraft and the explosion of simulated bombs near the runway. Everyone watched in awe as the fighters swooped and dipped, dropping there simulated ordinance.
As the fighters left the area, you could see off in the distance, the bombers flying towards the airport. They approached slow and steady, and the rumble of the engines could be heard overhead as they flew over the audience and off, once again, over the horizon.
At the conclusion of the reenactment, the bombers returned to the ramp and CAP members returned to their assigned duties. CAP members skills were truly tested during the weekend. From aerospace knowledge to diplomacy, everyone stepped up and handled themselves as true professionals. “The CAF staff was so impressed by CAP's hard work, they invited us back to work next year”, Maj. Dave Augustine told the cadets. “And, they invited us back before day 2 of the airsho began.”
For over 20 years the Civil Air Patrol and Commemorative Air Force have forged a relationship by working together at the CAF AIRSHO. The first Airsho was held in 1963, making it one of the oldest airshows in the country. This AIRSHO is know as “The Best Warbird Show in America.”

Promotions & Awards

At the 28 October regular meeting of the Three Rivers Composite Squadron, one member was promoted and another received a membership award, two members received aerospace awards, and four cadets were awarded certificates of completion for the Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) program. Cadet Airman Jamison Vest was promoted to the rank of Cadet Airman First Class. His parents assisted with his pinning during the ceremony. He was also presented the Henry "Hap" Arnold award ribbon for his accomplishment. "Hap" Arnold expanded the military pilot corps by sending military pilots to civilian flight schools.

Senior Member Tony Ramirez was awarded the membership ribbon for completing Level 1 training, and the Yeager ribbon for completing the Yeager Award requirements. The Yeager Award is an elective of the Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Aerospace Education program.

2nd Lt. Laurie McCallum also received her Yeager ribbon for completion of the Yeager Award requirements. 

The squadron also completed the requirements for the Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) program and certificates were presented to the cadets present at the meeting. The AEX program involves completion of six hands-on aviation and space-related activities with cadet and senior members of the Civil Air Patrol.

Congratulations to Cadet Airman Russell

Congratulations to Cadet Airman Isabelle Russell, who received her Curry Award and promotion to the rank of Cadet Airman on 5 May 2014. The Curry Award is named after Maj Gen John F. Curry, who was the Civil Air Patrol first national commander. Because of Maj Gen Curry's leadership, Civil Air Patrol crews were tasked with missions that were of national importance, but which the military did not have the time or ability to complete. This achievement is the first for cadets and makes them eligible for many more Civil Air Patrol activities.

Three Rivers participates in West Texas Family & Education Expo 2014

Three Rivers Composite Squadron members held a class for pre-teen boys at the West Texas Family & Education Expo 2014 hosted by the San Angelo Home School Association. The 2 1/2 class covered map reading, compass usage, and flying on the aircraft simulator. Maj. Dave Augustine, C/Maj Cody McCallum, C/SSgt Connor McCallum, and C/Amn Isabelle Russell assisted the students.

The Expo was held at the McNease Convention Center in San Angelo, June 6 and 7. Squadron members also had the opportunity to speak to prospective members.

NONDISCRIMINATION letter from Gen. Carr

21 May 2014



SUBJECT: Nondiscrimination

1. Civil Air Patrol is committed to equality of opportunity in offering access to its educational and operational programs and activities. Nondiscrimination and diversity are critical to our success as an organization. 

2. CAP provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members and ensures that educational, membership and operational decisions are based on each individual’s abilities and qualifications.  Consistent with this practice and applicable laws, it is CAP policy not to discriminate in offering access to its programs and activities, or with respect to membership terms and conditions, on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability. This policy ensures that only relevant factors are considered and that equitable and consistent standards of conduct and performance are applied. 

3. Commanders at all levels are responsible for ensuring that members under their command are aware of and adhere to CAP’s nondiscrimination policy.  

4. Allegations of violations of the CAP Nondiscrimination Policy will be sent to the Equal Opportunity Officer (EOO), Lt Col Walter Vertreace. Submission of allegations and/or complaints directly to the CAP/EOO will not be considered a violation of the chain of command. 

      a. Those wishing to submit a discrimination complaint should review CAPR 36-2 for procedures and guidance. Additional guidance may also be obtained by contacting the EOO.
      b. The CAP/EOO can be contacted at 971-9442, or by writing to Equal Opportunity Officer, 105 South Hansell Street, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112. 
5. Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to the CAP/EOO. 

Major General, CAP 
National Commander

Congressional Gold Medal

Congress approved the Gold Medal for Civil Air Patrol. Read more here.

Aerospace Education & Interesting CAP articles

Here are a couple of interesting links for aerospace from the NASA website and Air Force Magazine regarding the value of the Civil Air Patrol as a Force Multiplier. online streaming HDEV link Interesting CAP article

Vector & Volunteer Magazine

You should have received your new version of the Volunteer magazine in the mail. If not, contact Maj. Johanna Augustine for more information.

January 2014 Promotions & Awards

C/SSgt Connor McCallum receives his Wright Bros. certificateC/SSgt McCallum and parentsCadets Connor McCallum and Chris Stroud were promoted during the monthly promotion ceremony on January 27.

Cadet Senior Airman McCallum completed the requirements for the Wright Brothers Award and received the Wright Brothers certificate and ribbon and was promoted to Staff Sergeant during the January ceremony. Mr. Sean McCallum and 2nd Lieutenant Lauri McCallum, parents of Cadet McCallum, pinned on the new rank. Maj. Johanna Augustine, squadron commander, presented the certificate and ribbon.

McCallum was the 20,060 Civil Air Patrol Cadet to receive the Wright Brothers Award. The award is given upon completion of Phase I of training. The cadet must pass a comprehensive exam covering information from the first 3 chapters of the leadership module, a drill test, a physical fitness test, be able to recite the cadet oath, and be an active member in the CAP.

Cadet McCallum also received the Red Service Ribbon for 2 years service in the CAP.

C/A1C Chris Stroud is pinned to A1CCadet Airman Stroud completed the requirements for the Hap Arnold Achievement and was promoted to Airman First Class. Stroud passed tests on leadership, drill, aerospace, physical fitness, and participate in a character development lesson, recite the cadet oath, and be an active member. Cadet Commander Maj. Cody McCallum and Squadron Commander Maj. Johanna Augustine pinned on the new rank.

Three Rivers participates in Midland Airsho 2013

B253RCS at Midland Airsho 2013Three Rivers Composite Squadron members participated in the Midland Airsho for the fourth year. The Airsho, held at Midland International Airport, and hosted by the Commemorative Air Force.

Seniors and cadets worked the bomber ramp and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with bombers from WWII. The most famous aircraft on the ramp was Fifi, a B-29 Superfortress, and the only one in the world currently flying. Squadron members also had the opportunity to talk to pilots and their crews, and even meet spectators who flew during WWII. Along with all that, 3RCS even received tasking for an Urban Direction Finding (UDF) mission and was able to locate and silence an ELT at the airsho.

Other Group 1 squadrons participating were El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, San Angelo, and Texas Charter Leadership Academy.

For more information about the CAF, go to airsho.html.  To see all of the pictures from the Airsho, go to media/set/?set=a. 475686892538528.1073741866. 120929678014253&type=1&l= 840699fa32

 Cadet Promotions and Awards for September 2013

C/SrA Connor McCallumC/Amn Chris StroudCadet Airman First Class Connor McCallum completed all of the requirements for achievement 3, Mary Feik and was promoted to senior airman during the monthly ceremony.  Also, Cadet McCallum was presented the Mary Feik certificate, signed by Mary Feik.
Cadet Airman Christopher Stroud received his first o'flight certificate.
Squadron members have been working on their second STEM kit from CAP National HQ - 2 aircraft simulators. Cadets who completed the minimum 6 hours were Amn Stroud, Amn Schlake, CMSgt Griggs, Amn Brumley, SrA McCallum, and Maj McCallum.

R/C Certified fliersThe National Defense Education Program, as managed by the Air Force STEM Outreach Coordination Office at the Pentagon, is partnering with CAP, CAP-USAF, and AFJROTC to provide financial support to promote increase STEM education for America's youth in the 21st century.
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Cadet Promotions for August 2013

C/Amn Brumley  C/SMSgt Augustine
Two cadets were promoted on August 26, 2013.  Cadet Airman Basic Noah Brumley completed all of the requirements for achievement 1, Major General John F. Curry and was promoted to airman.  Cadet Brumley's parents, Justin and Christine,  assisted with pinning on the new rank.

  Cadet Master Sergeant A.J. Augustine completed all of the requirements for achievement 6, General Jimmy Doolittle and was promoted to senior master sergeant. Cadet Augustine parents, Major Dave and Johanna Augustine assisted pinning on the new rank.

First Orientation Flight for TX-123 CadetCadets McCallum & Stroud ready for o-flights

Cadets Airman First Class Connor McCallum and Airman Christopher Stroud received an orientation flight from Midland Composite Squadron pilot Major Randy Auburg.

For more go to our Aerospace page or Facebook ® page.


Three Rivers Composite Squadron tours Dyess AFB, TX

Summer is a busy time for most Civil Air Patrol members and that includes members of the Lubbock and Three Rivers Composite Squadrons. Those who weren't attending encampments or National Cadet Special Activities took time out of their busy schedules and were treated to a tour of Dyess AFB on July 31. Senior Airman Charles Rivezzo, 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs, planned a full day of activities and was our tour guide for the day.

Upon arriving at Dyess, members of the 7th Security Forces provided a military working dog demonstration. Two dogs assigned to the unit charmed the group with their abilities to be a regular dog one moment and a working police dog the next. Both dogs look like your typical household pet, but they were all business when asked. Demonstration included escorting a detainee, and preventing the detainee from running away, even when the detainee tried to jump a fence.

Next on the agenda was a tour of a B-1 hangar and B-1. Maintainers were providing regularly scheduled maintenance on the aircraft and took time from their schedule to explain the capabilities of the aircraft and what their job entails.

Click here for more..

FreedomFest 2013

3RCS FreedomFest 13 boothThree Rivers Composite Squadron participated in Freedom Fest on 4th of July for the 2nd year in a row.

Major Dave and Johanna Augustine and Cadets Master Sergeant A.J. Augustine and Airman First Class Connor McCallum manned the recruiting booth. Using the RC aircraft simulator software and controller provided with the STEM kit from CAP National HQ, squadron members assisted future pilots who lined up to try their hand at flying.

As dusk approached, the joint squadron color guard prepared to present the colors. San Angelo Composite Joint Color GuardSquadron Cadets Major Brian DeLaughter and Second Lieutenant Luke Harper and Three Rivers Composite Squadron Cadets Major Cody McCallum and Airman First Class Connor McCallum presented the colors during the singing of the National Anthem.

Future pilots in trainingAs the verse "the Rockets Red Glare" rang out, fireworks began bursting in the sky over Foster Stadium. The crowd cheered as the color guard left the stage and the fireworks began. Patriotic music rang throughout the stadium as the fireworks exploded overhead bringing the crowd to their feet as the music reached a crescendo.

Freedom Fest is hosted by Paul Ann Baptist Church and sponsored by local San Angelo businesses.

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Click for Message from MGen Carr

Civil Air Patrol, National Commander

(Opens in .pdf)

Completing the STEM

3RCS STEM cadetsThree Rivers Composite Squadron completed the first of five STEM kits available from the Civil Air Patrol.     3RCS  requested the Model and Remote-controlled Aircraft kit and received the following: Popular Sky Streak. Cub, and/or Stinson model aircraft are included in the Model and Remote-controlled Aircraft kit for building and learning to fly RC aircraft via Real Flight Simulator computer program, hand-held controller, curriculum, and two DVDs: Wings Aircraft and Aerolab.

RC practiceCadets had the opportunity to assemble and fly two different types of aircraft and use the RC aircraft simulator.  The squadron will continue with the RC aircraft program by purchasing and building remote-controlled foam gliders.   The kit is designed to promote a beginning interest in aviation and/or remotely-piloted aircraft vocations and avocations and by complementing the kit with future aerospace activities, the squadron hopes to instill an interest in aerospace in all of the cadets.

Other kits available from the Civil Air Patrol are: Astronomy, Flight Simulator Trainer, Robotics, and Rocketry.  Kit3RCS requested the Flight Simulator Trainer and was it approved on June 25 and should receive the kit in approximately two weeks.

This program complements the new CAP AEX Model Aircraft and Remote-Controlled (MARC) module development by a CAP volunteer which are included in the kit.  The kit is intended to take advantage of the added bonus of the opportunity for you to receive a free membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautic (AMA) and work with area AMA clubs for mentorship in learning to fly real remote-controlled airplanes in TAG (Take-off and Grow) programs. 

Delta DartReady, set, flyCivil Air Patrol was designated as a recipient of National Defense Education Program (NDEP) to initiate a nationwide CAP science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education program beginning January 25, 2013. Managed by the U.S. Air Force STEM Outreach Coordination Office (AFSOCO) in Washington, D.C., the funds are distributed on a yearly basis to organizations that create programs to build interest in STEM education and careers, an effort paramount to maintaining America's future defense and economic strength in a globally competitive environment.  The NDEP funds are intended to help develop the next generation STEM workforce, especially for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Air Force (USAF).

Winding upAway we go!As the Auxiliary of the USAF, CAP was a natural fit to receive funds to promote a nationwide STEM program. CAP was selected as a recipient of NDEP funds by the AFSOCO due to CAP's: position as the official Auxiliary of the USAF, working under the oversight of CAP-USAF; strong connection to and support of the Air Force Junior Reserve Training Corps (AFJROTC) due to the functionality structure of CAP/USAF and AFJROTC at the Jeanne M. Holme Center for Officer Accession and Citizen Development located at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL; structured national network comprised of 52 Wings in 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and overseas CAP squadrons that could ensure a wide disbursement of STEM resources; and stellar STEM/aerospace education and youth development programs for CAP Cadets (ages 12 & above) and K-12 students/teachers.